Posted by: gracelydia51 | July 16, 2011

Changing AutoRecover Interval in Office 2007 and 2010

AutoRecover is an important and useful feature of MS Office 2007 applications. Actually this feature involves saving all data in Office 2007 application after a particular interval of time so that it may be recovered if power outage occurs or system crashes. This feature prevents from losing your precious and useful work. AutoRecover interval is set to 10 minutes by default in all Office applications but it is possible to change it. For example, you can set this interval to 5 minutes. In that case your data will be saved frequently and it will help you saving your work if you are facing power supply or operating system problems again and again. Although the option to change this interval is offered in every application of Office 2007, here I will take example of Excel 2007.

Follow the given steps to change AutoRecover interval:

  • Click on Office icon/button.

  • On the bottom of resulting menu, click on “Excel Options”.

  • “Excel Option” dialog box will appear on your computer screen. Click “Save” on left hand side of menu.
  • Now check the box containing “Save AutoRecover information”.

  • Now you will select how often you will like Excel to save data for AutoRecover.

  • Then click “Ok”.

You can change AutoRecover interval according to your own requirements but you should not set a very short time interval because if you are working on larger worksheets, setting short interval will slow down your system. Actually saving large amount of data after every minute or two will put pressure on computer and affect its working.


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