Posted by: abbascom | June 1, 2015

Making a File Compressed in Zip Folder

When you get large size of data on your hard drive that you can not delete, you want to keep it preserved to access it for future needs. Similarly when you want to send a large number and size of files and document to a business client, customer or friend, it becomes irritant to upload all files one by one taking too much time. The easiest solution to this problem is to change the required files and documents compressed form. It does not only save your space and easy conversion of data files but also keeps the files as original as they were. You can easily share your files and even big size folders on message board, forums or anywhere you need.

  1. Create a New Folder in any location and Rename it as you like to identify it among other folders.
  2. Collect all the files and documents in it which you need to compress. No matter which application they are in, they all can be compressed in same folder.
  3. When you have finished collecting files and documents in it, right click the folder name and you will see an option Send To. Click on it.
  4. Find Compressed (zipped) Folder and click on it.

It will turn your folder to a compressed folder in size and now it is ready to keep in your hard drive using less space or attach to an email to send to another location. You can retrieve the files and documents of the folder as original without losing your precious data. These steps are to proceed in Windows XP. Moreover, some other utilities like WinZIP and WinRAR also work for it.


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