Posted by: abbascom | June 2, 2015

Google Search Tips, The Advanced Search Operators

You can make your search generate more accurate results with fastest response by using the advances techniques. These tips and techniques are originally defined for the Google search and really provide you more accurate results in every format you require. Here you can use in your web based search operations.

  1. datarange: This term helps you find the results about a mathematical range of data. If you want to know who has talked about 2236 and 6985 you will input the search key as data range: 2236 – 6958 and it will show you results instantly. You can add another keyword relating the data to some specific range.
  2. filetype: If you want to search on a topic (i.e. career) only on specific file format, you need to write it as career filetype: pdf. It will give you results with the files containing word “career” only in pdf file types.
  3. site: This search key restricts your search results only on a given domain or site. If you want to search a word on a specific domain you will write it like advanced, where there is no space between site: and the domain name. This operator can also be used in many other ways to search required results.
  4. cache: This operator helps provide you a copy of webpage that is stored on the Google server currently. It can be written as without space. The retrieved page may vary from the actual page.
  5. link: This search operator gives you a random sampling of your defined type of sites. Usually this search result has no specific logic to display the sites or the order in which they are displayed. For instance,
  6. related: It is helpful to provide somewhat related results to a given link or keyword. For instance, if you input related: software tutorials, it will result in the links with similar topic and titles, but it may be very accurate in some cases.
  7. info: This operator provides information about the given topic or link. It is written as info: software tutorials and it will return you the information about the given topic.
  8. define: It provides the definition of given term or word from different directories and websites. For instance, define: tutorial.
  9. phonebook: This search operator provides a list of business and residential phone numbers, street address etc which are found in defined location. For instance, phonebook: smith NY will return you name, phone number, street address of all persons named smith living at New York and listed on the server.
  10. stocks: It provides you information about the stocks. For instance, stocks: goog will return you the stock information with all the results having word “goog”.
  11. movie: This search operator helps you in searching movies in USA. You can easily search a movie either by name or location with movie review, show time and theater, such as movie: MovieName.
  12. flights: You can easily explore about the flights time, airport code inside USA. For this, you will input your command like flights:NY.

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