Posted by: abbascom | April 23, 2010

Use of Bluetooth Enabled Printers

Wireless connectivity took a new meaning with invention of Bluetooth technology. It does not restrict geographically and supports hassle-free mobility. Here are some tips on printing using Bluetooth enabled printers.

Using a Bluetooth adapter, anyone can change printer into Bluetooth enabled printer. To use a Bluetooth enables printer, you need to keep some basic points in mind. These points include:

  • You will feel the range limit while using the Bluetooth enables printers. The range within which these printers can be used limits from 30 feet to 330 feet and it wholly depends on the hardware configuration. More power is needed for the higher range.
  • Sometimes you want to printout a picture or a document from your mobile or PDA by a Bluetooth enables printer. In such cases you need to search a Bluetooth enabled printer. You will have to go through option of find BT Discovery.
  • Clicking this icon you will be provided with a list of all Bluetooth devices. You can select one and Hit on print option. You need to be very careful as this discovery stage makes your device accessible to anyone or anywhere. Switch off the Bluetooth option once you have taken the print.
  • Some printer come with USB port and it is useful with any Bluetooth adapter. It makes the Bluetooth printing activity easier. Its support for USB enables the printer to access and print images and documents from your mobile phone or handheld PDA. To use USB for printing you need to connect USB device, ensure recognition of both devices, select from the menu appeared to select file or image you want to print and set the size, layout and resolution of the document or image and then print it.
  • You need to be very careful to prevent hacking. You need to avoid setting your Bluetooth device to a “Discoverable Mode”. It makes other people to hack your IP address.
  • It is best to always enable encryption for any transfer through Bluetooth.

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