Posted by: abbascom | April 29, 2010

Charts in Word 2007

Charts are great way to present data and information in more easily understandable form. Work in academic papers or business writings usually need to display data in charts. If you also want to include a chart in your document then follow the set of instructions given below:

  • It is very easy to create charts in Microsoft Word 2007. You just need to position your cursor where you want to insert chart.
  • Go in the option of Insert
  • Click the chart in the illustration section
  • You will also be given an option to select style of chart you want.
  • Select the style of chart and click ok.

With these steps, chart will appear in your document. An excel worksheet will also open. You can easily enter your data in this worksheet. You can make use of handle to set the range of data in the chart. Chart in the word will automatically be updated.

Once you have created chart, you can use different tools in the word to change styles of chart, layout and formatting of the chart. To change the layout of chart you need to click on the “Design” tab and then on Quick Layout. This way you will get different options.

You can also change color of the by clicking on Quick Styles with several options.


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